How to Order

Step 1:

Choose your area of ​​interest, Stainless Steel Fashion Jewelry and or Body Jewelry.

Step 2:

There are two areas, one for the showroom to view the product immediately and the other is to download the catalog as a PDF. In the download area you can also download and print our order form.

Step 3:

Write the item number and your variant on our order form. A selection of possible images you can find in our picture collection and color in color chart. You can also send your own image, the best way is by email.

Step 4:

Enter your personal data and your personal requirements such as for example: sample request, price list distribution, wholesale, retail…

Step 5:

Do you need assistance?
Please, contact our Sales Department now!

Phone: 0086-755-29918790


Office Hour:
Monday – Friday
8:30 – 18:00 CST  (please note the World Time Zone = UTC + 8)

We hope you like our offer and look forward to a successful business relationship.